Our New Gadget!

At the end of last week we had a visit from ‘Telecare’ who came to see if they could help us out with anything in the home. For those of you that haven’t heard of Telecare before, they offer individuals, families and carers services that aim to help people stay independent in their own home. Many people have heard of the personal alarms that they can provide to the elderly and the vulnerable. Whilst this would not work for Connie, we were more than happy to have them come and see if they could help us in any other way.

Enter our new gadget…. the epilepsy bed mat. This mat is linked up to a buzzer alarm which goes off if the pressure changes dramatically or if repeated movements are made. For Connie this means that the alarm will be set off if she has a full clonic tonic seizure or if she gets out of bed and we decided this would be a good option for us from Telecare. The mat can be switched on and off as needed so that we can just have it on whilst she is in her bedroom sleeping. It has already proved its worth by going off for the first time two nights ago at around midnight alerting Mum (who was downstairs) that Connie was out of bed. Mum soon found out that Connie was stood at the top of the stairs by the safety gate (which she luckily had not opened as if she had she would have almost definitely fallen down the stairs) so Mum was able to get her safely back into bed.

As you can see, no one would ever know that the bed mat is in place apart from a tiny wire that hangs down the side of the bed (which of course Connie noticed straight away!) and the slight noise it makes when you sit on it. We are really hoping it is the ideal solution for us. The bed mat to us gives us some reassurance that Connie won’t suffer a big seizure at night without us knowing and also makes sure that she will be safe by alarming us if she is out of bed. With her stability being at its lowest ever and her going through a lot of partial seizures, the stairs are a massive issue for us as a family at the moment – at least with the new mat and our original safety gates we can ensure Connie’s safety even more. The last thing we want is her falling down the stairs!




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