February Update!

Hello again! We are back! We took February off from posting to get a few things sorted and to refresh what we want to post about but here we are – we are back!

We have had a few people ask about when we would be posting again and what we have been up too so here is a little update for you to catch up on everything and get ready for a busy March!

The month start out with a little trip to Stoke to see Ashleigh and James for the day and included a trip to the amazing ‘Oatcakes and Milkshakes’ where Connie had the best milkshake ever!


Sister also went away on holiday for a few days at the beginning of the month with her friend Becky and her family. She spent 5 days in the south of Spain and although it wasn’t quite the sunny weather you normally get, it was a lovely break spent with brilliant people and having lots of fun!



February has been quite a quiet month at home … Connie has enjoyed being at college and although she is really tired at the end of the day she has enjoyed the nights getting lighter and being able to go out every night once she gets home. Half term was a busy one spending days at 4Ever Unique with her friends and being out and about with Sister and Mum. Mum and Dad also managed a night away in Manchester whilst Aunty Lucy looked after Connie … Con had a lovely time with her cousins even though she got up very early for Aunty Lucy the next morning!



The month has ended with ‘all’ this snow (not as much as everyone else seems to have in the country!) and Connie loved waking up these past two days and looking out of the window to see a Winter Wonderland! We have to admit though … we are ready for it to end!


We are really looking forward to getting back into the Just Connie blog in March and hope you will subscribe to keep updated with all of our posts! Thanks!


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