Basics first – we are a family that lives in the North West of England in Lancashire and we love the area we live in. My parents grew up here and all of our family lives close to us.

Connie was born in May 1996, the second daughter to her parents. Around the age of 2, Connie’s abilities started to regress and it started to become noticeable that she wasn’t able to do things other children of her age could do.

Between the age of 2 and 13 we were in a limbo with no one really knowing or understanding what exactly was going on with Connie. Some doctors called it global delay, others called it autism and others severe learning difficulties. We spent those 11 years struggling through not understanding Connie properly although we tried our best to give her all the help she needed.

At the age of 13, Connie was tested for Rett Syndrome. The results came back positive and although at the beginning it was devastating, it meant that we could finally start to properly understand Connie and give her exactly what she needed. For more information on Rett Syndrome please visit http://www.rettuk.org.uk.

We now live as a family helping Connie get through whatever comes her way. She needs 24/7 care … the consequences of leaving her on her own can be both disastrous and scary. With no concept of danger, to leave her alone is putting her at risk. On the other hand, it is also putting whatever is around her at risk. She is well known to make a good mess, break things damage people’s belongings. All in a days work eh Con!

The future for Connie. We want her to be able to live the life she deserves and want as much of that as possible to be as independent as it can be. The care will be put in place so that she doesn’t have to spend her life with her parents but can be out experiencing all the things a young person should experience. All these big changes are coming her way soon – look out for posts on them!

Connie is known to so many people in our local area – every time you take her out someone knows her and says hello. Like a proper local celebrity she even got asked to officially open the new Bella Italia in Lancaster. If you ever see Connie out and about with one of us please say hello and let us know that you read our blog – she would love that!

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